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The fiat monetary system is broken and the world desperately needs a proper solution to replace it. But to take on the established monetary and financial systems, a decentralised technology cannot afford any weaknesses, as this would slow down or even prevent rapid global adoption. An ultimate solution is therefore needed.

We believe that such a solution is achievable.

This solution is a decentralised technology without any of the problems blockchain-based systems face today. It will be more secure, more decentralised, more scalable, faster, cheaper, fairer, more energy efficient, more user-friendly, and will have better privacy and more features than any current decentralised technology. This new technology can deliver on all of these promises without compromise.

Sounds like a scam to you?

We share this concern! That is why we have written an in-depth article that takes you on a journey in search of a future-proof money system. It will take you from the invention of Bitcoin (the first working decentralised technology capable of holding value), to the underlying problem Satoshi (Bitcoin’s founder) set out to solve, to the first principles of trust and money, and finally to a completely new approach that is able to achieve a combination of characteristics and features that has always been considered impossible.

We believe this new technology will herald an unprecedented revolution of a decentralised future, far exceeding the adoption of any other decentralised technology to date.